• Agent Soda

Agent Soda: A Soda on a Mission


The objective of this project was in Packaging Design was to create packaging for a beverage of your choice. As a soda drinker, I decided to choose that. I wanted to take a twist on the soda and market more towards children. To do that I took a spy/mystery route, that would allow children to solve the mysteries on the soda cans. Hence the reason why I choose to call the soda Agent. On the soda cans, there is a mystery to solve that tells the customer where the flavor came from. There is a morse code on the cans along with an area that you can decode to figure out where the flavor originated from. Even the background is a topography of the region on where the flavor comes from. That is why there are different shapes of lines on each can of soda. I also wanted to pick unique flavors to get children’s attention and make it hard to figure out where the flavors came from.

Instagram is a further step that really shows the experience of the soda branding. Lastly, the packaging for the soda to go in, was to represent a suitcase for kids to look more like a spy. Not only that, but the inside of the box is white so children would be able to be creative and draw in it. Overall, I wanted this brand to excite children and make them learn without them realizing it. In the future, I would hope to expand the brand and create new flavors shown through the Instagram.