• Ancient Grounds

Ancient Grounds: The Coffee Shop


The objective for this project was to use the principle of “play” as the guiding theme, creating an enduring visual identity that fully reflects the values of this newly forged organization. The overall goal was to create a logo, title, experience, company, brand book, and infographic. This process was very extreme in such that I had to  think of a mission statement as to what type of items the store would offer. Since I find coffee shops as a fun and playful experience, I chose to make a unique coffee shop. The coffee shop was inspired by Turkish/Egyptian culture, to step outside of most coffee shops I find in the United States. The title, Ancient Grounds, came from the idea of how Turks were one of the first to create coffee.

The inspiration for the logo: in the Turkish culture, they would make their strong coffee in a pot called a cezve. In the logo it has the cezve along with the Egyptian beetle and sun, connecting the cultures and atmosphere. There are also different logos, so if it doesn’t work with certain background color then the designer would be able switch out. The color choices were based on Egyptian art, to create a dark aesthetic mood.

The brand book goes over the mission of the company and what are the guidelines are for branding the coffee shop. Finally the infographic explains how Turkish coffee is traditionally made and facts about coffee in the early years.