• About Me

Joy is my middle name…

Kaitlyn Joy Pfeiffer is attending the University of Milwaukee for Design and Visual Communications, graduating fall 2020. She absolutely loves designing ever since she took a graphic design course in high school, she was eager to learn more. It allows her to escape into a new world of creativity. As an admirer of innovative typography, logos, and layout designs, she incorporates her passions into her designs. Kaitlyn is currently interning at Old World Foundation as a graphic arts and marketing intern. In addition, she has experience freelancing with other companies and clients, creating anything from logos to billboards. Her overall goal as a designer is to express concepts, emotions, and information to anyone that comes across her designs.

Many people say that Kaitlyn has a bright and cheerful ora, fitting into her tagline, joy is my middle name. Kaitlyn is an optimist during situations and finds the good in things. She is also diligent and meets deadlines for projects. Having experience with clients outside of school, allows her to have strong communication skills and personal organization. Being a independent designer, she seeks out opportunities and takes responsible when needed.